Stay Fresh and Relevant

It’s not just about trees. It’s about people too.


Don’t Let Up on Your Partners, or Let Them Down

Hold regular meetings during design, construction, and assessment stages. You’ll need your partners’ input throughout the project as well as after, when you start a new one.

Find an Anchor Institution That Will Stay The Course

It doesn’t need to be a municipal department. Sometimes an outside group (for example, a business improvement district or a major medical center) will have the resources to convene and support the partnership long-term.

Promote, and Then Promote Some More

Publicity is the oxygen that enables projects to grow. Try, where possible, to put elected officials up front. They’ll want to – and should – take credit for the benefits and co-benefits the project delivers. And it will make the next project all that easier to get off the ground.

Assess, Adapt, and Be Upfront About It

Problems will surface. To keep your partners and policymakers engaged, let them know what’s happened, and what’s being done to remedy the problem. The “no surprises” doctrine works both ways.  If you don’t surprise them, they won’t surprise you by ignoring your next project.