Stormwater Design and

Implementation Guides

Engineered SystemsPrepared for the EPA, this publication by Davey Resource Group explores how street trees – planted with suspended and permeable pavement – help reduce stormwater flow and reduce associated pollution. Case studies affirm that these systems, while more expensive upfront, produce far greater benefits than trees planted without them over the long term.

Green StreetsPrepared by the Conway School, this guide includes descriptions and design templates for stormwater management practices in streetscapes – many of which center on strategic use of trees. Philadelphia has issued a comprehensive guide to green streets, including detailed schematics and photos of completed projects.

Municipality-wideThis CWP manual provides guidance on urban tree planting at the development site and watershed scale. Albeit dated, it is still relevant to species selection, site preparation, tree planting and maintenance techniques, and special considerations for urban tree planting.

Steep SlopesMany communities have developed best practices and ordinances to protect the ecological integrity of steep slopes. Put another way, to prevent landslides and houses slipping down onto the highway.